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Under the theme of « Google for Entrepreneurs » and the umbrella of ‘GDG-Algiers’, in collaboration with the Algerian Google Student Ambassadors; an event was planned for Algerian students to jump in and get busy with startups.

Around the globe, Google features a suite of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations and
performances on Google technologies to help Tech-entrepreneurs to create products and build scalable apps. On Thursday November 15th the Algerian GDG community hosted a ‘Google Tech BootCamp Training’, a dizzying day of inspiration to go beyond ideas, fight constraints, create momentum, inspire followers, and take action, all that with Google support .

Tahar Zanouda [Google Student Ambassador & GDG Algiers Community Manager] & Lilia Oudjhih [Google Women in Tech Ambassador Lead] started talking about the new world’s rules, where ideas, knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurship rules are the rules that make the difference. Where community trumps geography, where small is the new big, and where innovation and entrepreneurial savvies is much more valuable, where the people who can outwork, outplay and outsmart the competition are those who lead others into unfamiliar territory, to transform unproven ideas into something real.

The event was co-organized between Google Developer Groups, Google student ambassadors and Google women in technology ambassadors in Algeria; who collaborate together to further better their community and ecosystem. The world doesn’t simply need big ideas. The world needs great vision, powered by creators, engineers, entrepreneurs and change agents with the ability to execute and ambition to prove it. Building on this point, Abdelfateh Boumerdess and Racha Bella (GSAs), started their talk about « Google Student Program », they discussed the program as a great example of the company’s social side, the company that would like to prepare new generation of inventors, leaders and change-makers in the universities. The power of these vibrant communities is to find like-minded people, to learn and share ideas.

Posted by: Rana Kortam, Outreach Program Manager, MENA

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