Planning des séances d’initiation pour le CPI (module + Date + Enseignant).

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Voir dans la suite de cet article, la mise-à-jour du planning des séances d’initiation pour le CPI (module + Date + Enseignant).


WINDOWS                  LUNDI 12/10 à 8H30                       LUNDI 12/10   à 13H
M1                                        G1 –       MR SOUICI                                        G5          MR SOUICI
M2                                        G2-        MR KHELOUAT                                G6          MR KHELOUAT
M3                                        G3-        Mr BENHOUHOU                           G7          Mr BENHOUHOU
M4                                        G4-        Mme YAHIAOUI                             G8          Mme YAHIAOUI
WORD                             JEUDI 15/10 à  8H30                        JEUDI  15/10   à 13H
M1                                        G1 –       MR MAHIOU                                    G5          MR MAHIOU
M2                                        G2-        MELLE LAOUDI                                 G6          MELLE LAOUDI
M3                                        G3-        MME ATEK                                         G7          MME ATEK
M4                                        G4-        Mme YAKER                                      G8          Mme YAKER
EXCEL                                               DIMANCHE  18/10 à  13h           DIMANCHE  18/10 à 8h30
M1                                        G1 –       MR BOULAKRADECHE                  G5          MR BOULAKRADECHE
M2                                        G2-        MME MEZIANI                                 G6          MME MEZIANI
M3                                        G3-        Melle BENKRID                                               G7          Melle BENKRID               
M4                                        G4-        Mme AIT ALI YAHIA D                  G8          Mme AIT ALI YAHIA D  
POWER POINT         LUNDI  19/10 à  8H30                     LUNDI  19/10 à 13H
M1                                        G1 –       MR GHOMARI                                 G5          MR GHOMARI
M2                                        G2-        MR OULD KARA                               G6          MR OULD KARA
M3                                        G3-        MR BENYAHIA                                 G7          MR BEN YAHIA
M4                                        G4-        Mme SI TAYEB                                 G8          Mme SI TAYEB

MESSAGERIE             MARDI 20/10 à  13H             MERCREDI  21/10 à  8H30
M1                                        G1 –       MR AZOUAOU                                 G5          MR AZOUAOU
M2                                        G2-        MR HAMANI                                    G6          MR HAMANI
M3                                        G3-        MLLE  BOUSBIA                                G7          MLLE BOUSBIA
M4                                         G4-        MR  AMROUCHE                             G8          MR AMROUCHE
WEB                          JEUDI 22/10 à 8H30                       JEUDI 22/10 à 13H
M1                                        G1 –       MR CHEBIEB                                     G5          MR CHEBIEB
M2                                        G2-        MME DAOUDI                                G6          MME DAOUDI
M3                                        G3-        MR DAHAK                                        G7          MR DAHAK
M4                                        G4-        Melle BELGUECHI                          G8          Melle BELGUECHI


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