Planning des rattrapages

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Jour Heure 1I 2I 3SI 3SIQ 4SIQ 4SI
Dimanche 9h Algo Algo Anum Sysex Fas Anad
07/09/2008 A5, S24 A6 A4 S4 S2 S3
  13h Ang Ang Gest Thl Arch Gest
  A5 A6 A4 S4 S4 S5
Lundi 9h Elect Logm Mcsi Ro Mcp Mcp
08/09/2008 A5, S24 A6, S25, S26, S27 A4 S4 A3 A3
  13h Ieco Strm Ang Ang Sysex Mcsi
  A5 A6 A4 S17 S2 S3
Mardi 9h Maths Maths Bdd Anum Bdd Orga
09/09/2008 A5, S24, S25 A6, S25, S26 S3 S4 S2 S5
  13h Strm Sysex Fas Telet Auto RO
  S24 A5, A6 S3 S4 S2 S5
Mercredi 9h   Stat Sysex Strm Anad Telet
10/09/2008 A5, A6 S3 S4 S2 S2
  13h   Sysinf RO Elect Comp  

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