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Hello folks !  
School of AI Algiers is thrilled to invite you to the second edition of AI Day ! We have prepared a full day of discussions, workshops and talks with experts in their fields ! Check below for more details about the four tracks of workshops and the content of the conferences.You can register and consult the website of the event by clicking this button REGISTER HERE
Workshops For this year we prepared the following series of Workshops:
Deep learning Introduction 
Through this workshop, we will initiate participants in Deep learning and give them a roadmap to understanding Neural Networks and their applications
ConvNet WorkshopWe will go through the fundamental concepts of computer vision and lead the participants to apply these concepts on a fun project that they will build from scratch during the workshop.
NLP Workshop  
Through this workshop, you will practice style transfer on text. Imagine you have a text on one style ‘analytical’ and you want to have a poetic style, can a computer help with that !  
Reinforcement LearningThe workshop will introduce you to reinforcement learning algorithms and give participants the chance to practice in an interesting environment and grasp the concepts of deep q-learning!  

Talks For this year’s talks, we focused on the most trending AI topics in 2020. Keynote: State of AI in 2020:We will begin the conference track with a keynote presentation about what AI did in 2020! So many breakthroughs just in one year! Let’s discuss them together. AI Efficiency: During two of our talks, « AI Hardware » & « Compression Methods », you’ll get to know how, in 2020, a huge amount of work was dedicated to make machine learning algorithms work everywhere in a variety of tiny little devices.Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning:   Another important aspect to run machine learning everywhere is to make sure that your data is protected! A talk will be dedicated to that. 
Graph Neural Networks:To ensure that neural networks are used to their full potential, researchers focus on finding the most appropriate operations for different types of data. When dealing with images, convolutions are pretty good. When dealing with graphs … ? More information will be shared on our social media and event website. The speakers are really AWESOME, we can’t wait for february 6th! 
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