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FIE (Training Engineer Undertaking): A complementary course

  • An educational program in S10 based on “living” projects.
  • ESI, member of the consortium of engineering schools signatory of the charter of commitment and collaboration to create an FIE in Algeria ( September 2011).
  • Training actions under the FSP ( 2009-2013).

Location Mission   Number       Period  Objective
INSAVALOR Lyon 4 Teachers- Researchers       23-27 Janu Internship: Training of FIE trainers
INSAVALOR Lyon  2 Teachers- Researchers       May 2013 Internship: Manager Training
ESI Slosse Genevieve ( FIE)  April 9- 12/2012 Mission: FIE Course at ESI
ESI Mrs Frezal Insavalor  May –July 2013 Mission: Evaluation

  • Participation of non-ESI Coaches: CACI, Sidi Abdellah Incubator, CISCO, ALCODEFI, ..
  • Success story: startup created as a result of the ESI 2012 FIEManager: Benahcène Hamza sis à Bordj El Kiffan

An electronic platform for connecting professional shippers (requesters of delivery services) and transport service providers. Trans Linedz aims to facilitate information and communication in the field of transport in Algeria.

The 2018-2019 FIE season is officially launched. Yesterday ,Tuesday 06 November; seven project leaders presented their idea in front of a panel of experts. Five projects were selected.

Congratulations to all the participants and to the winning projects.

Many thanks to the jury (now coaches for the project teams) namely: Yazid Aguedal, Kamel Elaraba, Mounir Khaldi.

INJAZ El Djazair program: An opening of the ESI

The 1st edition of INJAZ EL DAZAIR was in 2012, the year where ESI has participated and now, we are participating in the 4th edition COMPANY PROGRAM which takes place over a semester, All students could participate except the 1st year because new and the 2nd year because they have to prepare a contest.At the beginning, we had a lot of 5th graders then it was the 1CS who registered the most.The 1st year we started with 2 groups and one group won the innovation prize.Then we went to 3 groups and finally to 2 groups with an average of 25 students per group.The ESI EduCart team qualifies for the Injaz final with its innovative product Mijhari.In addition, there is another program I CAMP which takes place over one day and which is intended for hundreds of students.

Actions of the School's student clubs


Entrepreneuship for youth”, organized by “AIESEC IN ALGERIA” in collaboration with “ETIC”, ESI, the Association of CACI and the AME (Association of women entrepreneurs), Saturday, November 20, 2010 at the conference room of the ESI. These training courses, organized jointly by the ANPT (the National Agency for the Promotion and Development of Technological Parks), located at the Sidi Abdallah Cyber ​​Park and Microsoft Algeria, and provided by experts, attracted students from ESI and other academic institutions in Algiers. Six teams presented their work. The winning teams were: 1st prize: “Ozed Design” team composed of Mrs. Oussama YOUSFI and Zakaria MALOUMI; 2nd prize: “Zeon soft” team represented by Khaled MEZAACHE, Rachid DAOUD, Saïd MOUHOUN, Sofiane AITAKILA 3rd prize: “Sociamed” team made up of Mahieddine CHETOUH, Malek KHETTOUF and Amine LARABA.

Startup Pirates Algiers” April 2012: This is an event spread over a period of one week during which “anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit is welcome”, a week of training workshops and conferences is planned and a panel of coaches and mentors will accompany these participants throughout the week,” he wrote:

Start Up Week, ESI le 16-17 et 18 Novembre 2011.Seconde édition : 15-17 Nov 2012Prochaine édition : Le 13 au 15 Nov 2014

Présentation du concours le Phare en visioconférence depuis Marseille, 19 Nov 2011

Samedi 4 et le Dimanche 5 Mai 2013 à l’ESI. Conférences et ateliers pratiques avec inscriptions. Compétition: tel un start-up weekend, elle se déroulera non stop sur les deux jours en réunissant les meilleures équipes qui se sont qualifiées a la phase finale. http://ctf.bsidesalgiers.orgEspaces de discussions ouverts qui vont réunir chefs d’entreprises, chercheurs et différents acteurs du domaine pour débattre sur des thèmes précis.

Participation of ESI students in competitions

The statistics on participation for the 2013 and 2014 Editions of the tStart Program (source: Ooredoo)

The excellence and innovation of young Algerian entrepreneurs have been rewarded. The National Agency for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (ANDPME) and Ooredoo unveiled the winning projects of the first edition of the tStart program last Tuesday to support the creation of technological start-ups.On January 30, 2015, five of our students were among the winners of the tStart competition

Ecogame: start-up specializing in the development of advergames, which are mini-games used by advertisers to reach directly or indirectly their consumers  via messages, characters, or any other means included in the game. Ecogame introduces methods to induce customers to consume the advertised product through the game.

Team: Bendimerad Ahmed Anes, Belgaid Mohammed Chakib, Remil Zakaria, Ziane khodja soumeya, Betta Islam.

Innovation Lab (ESI-UNICEF): Social action of the ESI

  • ESI-UNCEF Memorandum signed on July 15, 2014.
  • Dedicated room on the 1st floor of the educational block
  • As part of the Innovation Lab project, students via existing clubs and associations active at the School will actively participate in thinking about and carrying out projects for children and young people with a technological mix falling under practical internships during the course and/or projects pedagogical, thus working on all civic actions allowing social evolution.
  • Activities to be carried out through small-scale support:
  • Creation of websites for young people, associations and rural populations.
  • Development of dedicated mobile applications.
  • Realization of ecological projects ex. “ESI paperless”.
  • Civic actions by students for the benefit of young and old.
  • Production of various audiovisual awareness products (collection of donations, fight against drugs, road safety, fight against tobacco, etc.).
  • Diversification of issues addressed in educational projects and practical internships.
    Intervention of professionals
  • Seminars.
    Ooredoo (new partner of the School) since September 2015 wants to train students on mobile development and business creation.

آليات تنفيذ مشروع القرار1275 شهادة– مؤسسة ناشئة/ شهادة– براءة اختراع

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