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Description du programme de la matière:
The objective of this UE is:
Develop a variety of language skills.
Acquire a specific computing knowledge.
Develop and widen students’ terminology in computing and information technology.
Concentrate on grammatical constructions which are typical of technical English

ID Cours
2ème année CP
Semestre 3
Volumes Horaires Cours
Volumes Horaires TD



Familles de Compétences

  • CF9 : Gérer des projets de toute nature

Type de compétence: 

TEC : Technique

MET : Méthodologique

MOD : Modélisation

OPE : Opérationnel

Niveau de compétence:

Base Intermédiaire Avancé
Famille de Compétence Compétence Elément de Compétence Type
CF9 C9.5: S’exprimer et rédiger efficacement en langue anglaise C95.1: Acquérir le vocabulaire de l`anglais spécifique à l`informatique OPE
C95.4: Ecrire en anglais dans un style académique MET
C95.5: Ecouter et inférer le sens d’un discours en anglais TEC
C95.6: S’exprimer correctement, en considérant le niveau de maitrise de la langue OPE


There are 13 units, each providing around 4 hours of work.
Course introduction and certain advices before beginning with the units.

Unit1 : IT Technical Support Officer

Class discussions: computing problems
Specific vocabulary
Listening: Interview: Problems reported by phone ( audio CD)
Grammar: If sentences

Unit2 : Networks
Speaking: Oral report
Grammar: Relative clauses with participles
Writing: Write a report on electronic security
Design a topology of a local Area in a virtual office.

Unit3: The Internet Communication Tools
Oral task
Reading: CMC ( Computer- mediated communication)
Use specific vocabulary
Writing: Write an article for a newsgroup of your choice
(public discussion)
Specialist Reading: TCP/IP links

Unit4: The World Wide Web Or Web3

Speaking: Evolution of the Web
From Web1.0 to Web 4.0
Internet addresses and their descriptions
Listening: How the browser finds the web page you want (Audio CD)
Grammar: The Time Clause
Structure of a sentence
Writing: The students write their own description of how the browser finds the
page they want.
Specialist Reading: Email Protocols

Unit5: Websites and Webpage creator

Listening and Speaking: Listening for specific details
Features of a good website
Grammar: Giving advice which is close to warnings
Writing: Write an evaluation of a website of your choice
Specialist Reading: HTML

Unit6: Telecommunication

Speaking: Class discussion
Listening: Future developments in computing ( Audio CD)
Grammar: Making predictions ( certainty expressions)
Writing: Mini-project: Plan your own Internet café


Lab equipment or new sophisticated material especially for Listening task

Travail personnel

Group PowerPoint Presentation


Eric H.Glendinning/ John McEwan Oxford English For Information Technology 2nd edition
Audio CD Oxford English For Information Technology
Secondary material
Sandiago Remacha Esteras, InFotech English for computer users, Fourth Edition. Cambridge University Press, 2008.
Website: http:// www. Networking and virtual Private Network Technology

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