Workshop / Séminaire LMCS (Pr. Athman Bouguettaya, Université de Sidney, Australie)

Mardi 19 juillet 2022, 9h30, Auditorium

Dans le cadre des activités du laboratoire LMCS, nous avons le grand plaisir de vous annoncer la visite du Professeur Athman Bouguettaya, enseignant et chercheur à l’école d’informatique de l’université de Sydney (Australie) le mardi 19 juillet 2022. Il animera, à partir de 9h30 à l’Auditorium, un Workshop très intéressant dont l’intitulé est  » Writing for Top Journals Workshop « .

Ce Workshop est destiné en particulier aux doctorants et aux jeunes enseignants-chercheurs. Nous encourageons le public cible à assister à cet évènement scientifique.

Writing for Top Journals Workshop

Professor Athman Bouguettaya School of Computer Science, University of Sydney, Australia [email protected]


This workshop aims to train early career researchers and PhD students to write for top journals and convert conference papers into successful quality journal articles. Writing for journals requires skills that not only include sharpened research ability but also understanding the way journals work and operate. This workshop will go through the whole spectrum of manuscript preparation, journal selection, and submission, response to reviewers, decision aftermath, and ethical matters. This training will equip researchers with skills that would enable them to confidently submit and publish papers in top ranked journals. Conducting quality research is only the beginning of the process. Publishing in top journals is the ultimate aim. Several university world-ranking schemes use journal publications as a main criterion for ranking universities and academic departments. Therefore, it is imperative that researchers learn the right strategy that would maximize their chances of getting their paper accepted in top journals. Who should attend: PhD students and early career researchers in computer science and other related disciplines will find this workshop most useful. Researchers from other disciplines would also benefit.

Format of the Workshop:

Introduction and Motivation about the Workshop
Essentials of technical writing and publication – Why should we publish?
How to start?
Structure of a good paper
Important aspects of journal paper writing: A deeper dive (1st part)
Break (30 minutes)
Important aspects of journal paper writing: A deeper dive (2nd part)
Dissection of abstract and conclusion – Exercise 1 – Writing an Abstract
Exercise 2 – Writing a Conclusion
Examples of Good and bad papers
Submission and Review – What to watch out for
Interacting with editors and responding to reviewers
Reviewing for journals
Other aspects of journal publication – Ethics, authorship, citations and impact factors
Closing remarks

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