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Hack.INI 2018- CTF Registrations

Shellmates Club is honored to announce that the 6th edition of the Hack.INI is finally here.

Hack.INI stands for Hacking Initiation, an event organized by Shellmates for all the infoSec community.

This year's Hack.INI will take place on Saturday, February 10th for a whole day in the Higher School of Computer Science (ESI ex-INI). It will be in two parts, happening in parallel.

On one hand, the CTF competition, which is a set of challenges of different categories. The teams will work together to try to solve as many as they can. Each challenge wins them a number of points, if they Capture The Flag. To apply for the competition, fill out this form as a team or as a solo member 

On the other hand, the workshops on computer security and protection.

We're more than excited to gather the infosec community once again! 

Applications for the competition are open until Monday, February 5th. 

As for the workshops, Stay Tuned!

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